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Refrigerated Transport Services

Do you need to transport 1 pallet, 17 pallets, 33 pallets? No matter how much you want to transport! We have all categories of refrigerated transport available, from vans up to 1T to refrigerated trucks up to 22T useful weight.

We cover the whole Europe, both import/export Romania and intra-EU, UK, Ireland as well as non-EU countries.

Refrigerated Transport Services brokertrans
Dual Temperature Refrigerated Transport brokertrans

Dual Temperature Refrigerated Transport

Special products and requirements require special transport. Our own fleet has dual temperature trailers that can transport goods in two separate temperature chambers from -25° C to +25° C.

Refrigerated transport in Groupage

Both with our own fleet and with the help of our partners we offer part load refrigerated transport services. We have refrigerated groupage lines weekly open for import/export Romania. We cover the whole Europe, from Portugal to the Northern countries and Greece.

We can offer groupage for both chilled and frozen products, in normal or emergency transit.

Refrigerated transport in Groupage brokertrans
Refrigerated Transport with Hooks brokertrans

Refrigerated Transport with Hooks

Another type of special trailers are equipped with hook lines, used for the transport of hanged / hooked refrigerated meat. We can transport pork carcasses, beef carcasses, lamb carcasses, sheep carcasses, hams, various meat sub-assemblies that can be hanged on hooks.

Freight Transport Services

That’s why our subcontractor partners help us to provide our customers with all the transport means that they need.

Freight Transport Services

15 years experience

Freight Transport Services broker trans europa

+20.000 transports

turnover broker trans

20 million € turnover

We have standard and mega tautliners trucks, also oversized means of transport, as well as subcontractors for maritim and railway transport.

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